Welcome to Simtec Buergel AG

Dear Visitor

Simtec Buergel AG is a private limited company in Switzerland that provides services and products in the aerospace sector. To deal with new, up to now unsolved or still in the research process standing activities related to

  • Flight Test
  • Flight Performance
  • Multi Hole Air Data Systems and Flow-Tubes
  • Wind Tunnel

are part of our business. We are able to take over leadership for your projects - from planning up to and including the transfer of the requested know-how. This chart gives you a detailed overview of the specialised knowledge we can offer.

Simtec Buergel AG is interested in finding a solution to your problems since our company's devise is "meeting our customer's demands".

Please check out our homepage and let us know your questions by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer your requests.